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Papiri are a new bronze-drawn short pasta format, adding to Barilla's current portfolio.

It is produced through traditional bronze drawing of a "spiral" section designed to provide the best relationship between cooking, sauce grip and "tactility."

The shape was developed with respect for the Italian pasta-making tradition, both productively and perceptually.


Papiri go semiotically into traditional pasta, bringing with them the innovation of a process no longer based on empirical development of the shape, but rather to a design studied through virtual models to achieve maximum "performance."


The development of the shape began with an analysis to "identify and rationalize" the variables that come into play in determining the design of an industrially produced pasta shape, to enable the designer to keep under control the tools on which to act in the research and design of a new pasta format, identified as:

-draw (shape and section of the die)

-torsion (rotation of the drawing die)

-cutting (design of the cut of the pasta).

By acting on these three aspects, it is indeed possible to act on the design of the pasta format and consequently on the perceptual aspects.


In addition to this initial analysis, 3 cornerstones were set:

-Baking: Goodness

-Tradition: Design

-Uniqueness: Barilla


The Spiral section identified makes it possible to respect all three parameters, i.e., homogeneous cooking and excellent sauce grip, respect for tradition, as the pasta is produced bronze-drawn in a traditional way, and the insertion of Barilla uniqueness and innovation, by going to insert a pasta format no longer coming from tradition, but designed ad Hoc for the respect of very specific parameters.

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