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M9+Titanium+front copia.jpg

This is the M9 Titan, a Leica icon from the 21st century, produced in a limited edition of just 500 numbered copies in 2010.

Without affecting in the slightest degree  the recognisable identity of its original configuration, I worked on the details so as to enhance  the original architecture of the whole.” Stunningly state of the art, the M9 Titan is still unmistakably a Leica, and further confirms the function of design, in keeping with de Silva’s ethic of the project.

In 2014, Leica T represented the next advance after M9: from digital electronic device to integral digital. A numerically controlled milling cutter carves its form directly out of an aluminum block, controlling and following the form: a single whole. The screen is subsequently applied to the back. The optics supplied are interchangeable. 

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