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In-tense_white_polished_laterale_N copia

IN-TENSE, designed by Walter de Silva and Andrea Zuanni in 2018 for PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING, embodies the perfect combination of dynamism and fluidity. The almost skin-like tension of the material explodes in a three dimensional creation, whose sophisticated line evolves and composes volumes in motion, while a meditated asymmetry regains the uniqueness of the essential natural element we know as light.  

In-tense_black_emozionale_N copia.jpg

Available as LED panels, 8/10” thick, they do not heat up, last fifteen years and can change color. A small transformer mounted on the ceiling, with a descending cable, enables their use as suspension lamps. That cable is therefore a vector of energy. Why not think of it as a simple drop of liquid that touches and bounces, irradiating outwards and taking on the form it encounters? The connection is not concealed but displayed, emphasized in the persuasive aesthetic form of the corresponding evolved availability of the appliance.”

In-tense_black_sotto_N copia.jpg
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