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The concept "Tutto il cielo in una stanza"

The room enveloping the people aboard the plane and the sky as blue as the colors of the airline, accompanied by all the play of light that the sky itself gives above the clouds.

The source of inspiration was Rome's Pantheon, which for more than two thousand years has been the ultimate expression of Rome's glory. 

The oculus in the center of the dome with a hole nearly 9 meters in diameter allows light to illuminate the floor and the stones from which the basilica is composed, namely travertine. 

moodboard ita interni.png

Fundamental points of the project
Sustainability today represents a decisive issue, and design in fact tends more and more to avoid waste, to produce with minimal costs while always seeking simplicity, elegance and beauty, which after all is what makes people feel good.
Another aspect has been to standardize the common parts and standardize the uncommon ones, going for those elements that provide continuity, such as cabin, carpets, fabrics, curtains, flooring, lighting.

Business Ita.jpg

Business Class - Ita Airways A350

Economy Ita.jpg

Economy Class - Ita Airways A350


"Il cielo in una stanza" Design week 2022 

Walter De Silva, Mario Antonioli, Brunello Cucinelli and other collaborators of the project

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